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By | May 16, 2016

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Are you a woman struggling to get that body you dream of? If you are, then I completely understand. There are so many systems on the market today, and if you have tried any of these—like I have—then you may have lost hope. However, millions of people every day find solutions to battling against being overweight, and I like to share with you how I was able to do so.

Like millions around the globe, I struggled keeping my weight at an appropriate level. This was especially after I had my first child. I’ve tried it all, exercising routines, eating specific foods, and even came to a point where I felt like I was practically starving myself. However, nothing seemed to work. Not until I found a system that helped me completely change the way I thought about dieting.

venus factor reviews

Venus Factor Reviews – The Author

So to start off our Venus Factor Reviews, Let me first introduce you to someone by the name of John Barban.

Meet John

If you haven’t heard of him already, John Barban is a highly recognized supplement specialist that has produced some of the most effective supplements that are on the market today. He also has helped develop highly effective exercise routines that have been proven to help burn unneeded calories that ultimately help provide you with that good-looking waist line that you have always wanted. However, John took his knowledge and experience to the next level when he discovered a program that is highly effective for woman.

John had a great ambition to not only put together a plan that worked for anyone, but specifically for woman. John began to consider what differences there were between men and woman so he could specifically target the needed formula for helping woman get the body they want and deserve. By doing this, he came across some amazing research! And the major difference was Leptim.


But what is Leptim? Well you can probably go online and research more about it, but to describe it in the simplest terms, Leptim send signals to your body that adjusts your metabolism. Generally speaking, a person with high levels of Leptim will have a higher metabolism. I’m sure you have all met someone in your life that is capable of eating whatever they desire and it seems that they never gain a single fraction of a pound. Well that is most likely due to the fact that they have a higher high level of Leptim. But as John continued his research, he discovered that woman have double the amount of Leptim over men. So if this was the case, why is it so difficult for many women to lose weight?

Well John soon discovered some amazing factors. It was soon discovered that we have something called “Leptim Resistance,” which is exactly why our large levels of Leptim don’t increase our metabolism to the level we desire. So is there a way we can overcome this challenge? There is! And if you read further, I’ll share how!

Ways your Leptim levels dramatically decreases

You see when you diet, you may think it’s working for you, but often, it is not. John’s research discovered that Leptim levels will actually decrease when you diet and exercise. Unfortuently, that’s not the only disappointing factor. As I already mentioned, as a woman, you already have something called Leptim resistance. This is why exercising often doesn’t produce results. Therefore, we need to discover a way to “override” our resistance, and that is exactly where John’s program called The Venus Factor comes into play.

Venus Factor Reviews – What the Venus Factor is NOT

Before I get into the details of what the Venus Factor can do for you, let me explain exactly what this system isn’t about:

  • -It’s not about starving yourself. This actually works against you in many ways, and John’s Venus Factor system will share with you exactly what you need to do so you can still eat the foods you love.
  • -This system is also not about spending hours every week at the gym. As I previously mentioned, this can actually work against you, as it can actually decrease your levels of Leptim. However, if you already enjoy exercising on a regular basis, you can still continue your routine and still lose all unwanted weight through the Venus Factor system. I simply wanted to acknowledge that you don’t need to spend hours every day at the gym for this system to work.

Here is what you will learn Through the Venus System: 

  • -First off, you will learn what specific foods you need to avoid that can cause your metabolism levels to drop. By avoiding these specific foods, you will be able increase your Leptim and decrease your Leptim Resistance.
  • -You will learn about specific nutrients that you need to take that will not only help increase your Leptim levels, but will help decrease Leptim resistance as well.
  • -You will also receive a free exercise program as a bonus that helps you lose the unwanted fat as well. Let me make you aware that these aren’t required, but they do help. You will also learn about specific exercises you should avoid that will actually decrease your Leptim levels and work against you.

Conclusion of our Venus Factor Reviews

If you are ready to finally get a dieting system working for you that provide tremendous results, then I highly recommend the Venus Factor system. This is scientifically proven, so you know you will get the exact results you desire. thousands have reported positive results through through the many Venus Factor reviews found. It comes with a full guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose, except those extra pounds you have been dreaming to get rid of!

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