The Paleo Recipe Book Review

By | June 8, 2016

This is a Paleo Recipe Book Review page: click here to visit The Paleo Recipe book by Sébastien Noël

Paleo Recipe Book Review, Introduction

This has been an incredible journey through the world of a paleolithic lifestyle; I have to admit I was not sure if I was going to do a review on the paleo recipe book. Like many of you who have clicked on my website I started this journey with very little to almost no knowledge of what a paleo meal plan was let alone how to give a paleo recipe book review. But through my extensive research I decided to put this review together. When I start to review a product I do not always write about it. My main goal is to do the research about what is available on the market, then I do background on what the particular product is about. If I don’t find the research very interesting I do not do a review. But if I do find it interesting then I start looking at the market itself. I test quite a few different products to see which one I believe is the best. If I can’t find a product that I feel is a value or quality, then I do not do a review. But as I did market research for my paleo recipe book review, product history, and product research I did find it very interesting and found one product that stood out among the rest. Once I found a product that was astatically appealing I created this Paleo Recipe Book Review page, then I had to take a look at the different paleo dinner recipes , paleo breakfast recipes, paleo dessert recipes, a paleo meal plan, and then choose a recipe I would like to try. I choose to do several paleo chicken recipes.

I found both recipes quite enjoyable and plan to keep trying most if not all of their 370 recipes that they offer. I was quite surprised as I was investigating different product vendors the amount of material that The Paleo Recipe book created by Sébastien Noël offered. The Paleo Recipe book by Sébastien Noël not only offered The Paleo Recipe book but also offered Paleo Desserts Herbs and Spices guide, 8 Weeks Meal Plan, Quick and Simple Paleo Meals, and The Paleo Recipe Book. The Paleo Recipe book has 407 pages, The Paleo Desserts Herbs and Spices guide has 29 pages, The 8 Weeks Meal Plan has 11 pages, and the Simple Paleo Meals has 51 pages.

This is a Paleo Recipe Book Review Page: click here to visit The Paleo Recipe book by Sébastien Noël

As I prepared for my Paleo Recipe Book Review, here are some of the bad things I found about the cookbook:

  • I was quite impressed with their product but as everyone knows there is always room for improvement. One thing I found a little distracting was the format of the cookbook only because it did not follow the same format that most cookbooks follow. The cook book puts the ingredients on the left side of the page and the direction on the right side of the page. Were most cookbooks put the ingredients on the left and the right and the direction on the bottom of it. Not a real big deal, just something to get used to.
  • Another thing I found was on the main recipe book, some of the recipes had little bits of knowledge about the recipe but not all of the recipes did, most cook books don’t either but I found myself wanting to see information about all the recipes such as the Beet

Kvass recipe as listed below: “Yields 1 gallon Beet Kvass is a lacto-fermented beet juice loaded with nutrients that is very useful as a digestive tonic. Thebeets used in this recipe can of course be enjoyed as well, but the resulting liquid is the main attraction here and can be used instead of vinegar in salad dressings.” Page 402 The Paleo Recipe book by Sébastien Noël As I prepared for my paleo recipe book review, here are some of the things I liked about the cookbook:

  • The cookbook was graphically spectacular with great mouthwatering pictures.
  • You received more bang for the buck, they really went all out in giving more material for your money.
  • The color tone of the pages matched everything making it an easy read.
  • The explanations, intros, and wording were easily understandable and a very easy read.
  • All in all one of the best cookbooks I have purchased and I have purchased a lot.


Everything said in this Paleo Recipe Book Review, if you do decide to purchase the cookbook I believe it will be one of the best buying decision you have made. I truly hope that my paleo recipe book review has been helpful and well organized for your decision making process.

Paleo Recipe Book Review

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