The Jump Manual Review

By | May 17, 2016

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If you are a serious sportsman and take part in sports such as basketball, volleyball, athletics or even soccer, then one part of your game that could always do with improving is your jumping ability.

Luckily, a vertical jump training course called The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller has been developed to help you do just that. Now, not really being what you could call a serious sportsman – it takes me all my effort to get up and walk to the fridge for a cold beer :) – so I decided to call on my good buddy Connor Swanson who plays college basketball to give this course the once-over.

The Jump Manual Review

Here’s what Connor has to say.

The Jump Manual Review

Hi guys. I have always prided myself on my ability to jump. Every since I started out playing basketball as a small kid, I was able to out-jump guys quite a lot bigger than me. Despite only being a small guy, my ability to jump often got me picked for the school team and got me noticed by quite a few coaches down the years. If only I had access to this kind of training, who knows how much better I could have become. You see The Jump Manual covers a range of the most popular sports today, including Basketball, Football, Softball, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Track and Lacrosse.

Its a very comprehensive manual that shows you how to work on the five most important areas of your agility and jump development. The first thing I noticed was the fact that its obviously written by someone who knows the field. Its well written and packed with clear diagrams. I like that because I was actually able to print off the relevant pages and take them into the gymnasium with me for handy reference. The main aspects covered are how to improve your overall strength, and, then more specifically, how to achieve maximum speed of movement, range of motion and how to develop your  speed of movement.

According to the manual most athletes can add between 2 and 4 inches to their jump by following a program. If you haven’t done any kind of jump training before, the author even claims that you can increase your performance by between 4-8 inches and in some rare cases as much as a foot. I have to say, because I’m already an athlete, there’s no way I could gain another foot vertically in my jumps, but I have seen a definite improvement since using the guide, and I am confident that I easily fall into the 2-4 inch category.

I really like the personalized training programs that come with the guide. I found them helpful and easy to follow and theres no doubt that they will help you maximize your results. They are great because you can  use them to create a program that targets your own particular strengths and weaknesses.

The program has a complete set of tests to determine your base line performance. This enables you to concentrate on the areas that you most need work on and is one of the secrets of the guides success. You see, by identifying, and working,on your problem areas, your overall performance will increase quickly and you will be able to add more inches to your vertical performance right away.

With The Jump Manual you will also be able to determine how your current style is affecting your jump performance and how it can be adjusted by tailoring your current training program. Similarly, the guide take you through how you can find out what effect your jumping technique (one foot or two foot) has on the type of training that you should be doing. Its all great stuff and I found this section of the manual to be particularly interesting. I saw a few flaws in my routine which helped increase my performance almost straight away – even though I have been playing basketball for years.

The Core Program

The guide is split into two broad sections, the first of which is the core program. This section focuses on the best exercises for overall fitness and jump performance, and each set of exercises lasts roughly 30 minutes. To be honest, even if you’re not looking to enhance your vertical jump, this section is still great for upping your overall sporting performance. Recommended.

Sport Specific Program

The second section covers sports specific exercises. Its focus is giving you the most effective  exercises for bringing the best  results in the quickest time period for a given range of 8 sports. Again, the programs are broken down into 30 minute sessions and only need to be done about twice a week for maximum effect, so you can easily fit them around your existing training and match routines. Importantly, the programs take into account the 3 main periods of the season ie Close-season, Pre-season and in-season, and adjusts the workouts accordingly. Again, this information is spot-on.


The Jump Manual is more than just another jump training manual. By using it, you will discover what your maximum vertical leap is (and ever can be). You will maximise your potential  by studying your bone structure, bone length, body type, and your genetic makeup and making them all work for, and not against you.

Its also packed full of information on things like body composition, fast vs. slow twitch and even  multiple categories of plyometric training. You will identify your weak points and learn how to fix them fast as well as other inside secrets such as how to choose and wear platform shoes (I kid you not;  this works!), what supplements to take, how to make the proper use of weighted clothing and training aids when working out and a whole load of other things.

The Jump Manual  has programs for various sports in one place there is even a 60 day money back guarantee just in case you don’t find it useful. But I think you will!

Good luck and train hard

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