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By | June 8, 2016

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Everything sounds better when said in French – and all the more if it is said correctly. Learning the language of love is more than just about sounding romantic. So if you actually want to say what you mean, then choosing the right language learning program is the first step to success.

So, to help you out with your decision dilemma, here are two of the top programs that offer courses in French. Below you will find everything you need to know- an honest and unbiased review. Rocket French or Tell Me More French: how to learn the language of love- minus all the sweet talk, that is.


Rocket French Review, How You Learn

Rocket French uses the learning lounge to do most of it’s teaching. This is basically where you can access all the learning resources, including a good audio course, a pdf style grammar and culture course and a few word games that you can play on your computer. Along with the learning resources, you also get the support and learning environment that the learning lounge is supposed to represent.

Rocket French Review


So there is a support desk, a forum, where staff members, including the course creator frequent. You also get plenty of tests and quizzes to help you to monitor your progress and keep you motivated. there are also things like articles that talk about the best ways to learn a second language, getting into a good study routine and other things that focus on how to learn best.

Rocket French teaches you how to speak, comprehend, read and write French however most emphasis is on speaking and comprehension as you might expect of such a course.

Tell Me French takes what they call the PRIME approach.

P- progressive,

R- real world,

I – interactive,


E- effective.

Progressive as they claim to make your French improve, no matter what level you begin with. Real world as they only focus on real life scenarios. Interactive as it is not just listen and learn. You actually take part. Motivating as you will never get bored nor complacent with the 40 different tasks that keep on challenging you. Effective as the creators say that there is a 94% success rate under their belt.

Rocket French Review, What You Get

With Rocket French you will have 33 interactive downloadable audio lessons of modern conversations in French that you will actually hear on the streets of France. You will be able to join in on these 24 minute long conversations that is supposed to help you practice both your speaking skill as well as your listening comprehension.


Rocket French Audio Course

You will also have 31 French language lessons that will teach you step by step.

These explanations will take place over 1900 plus audio clips, tests, and quizzes. The 31 French culture lessons will give you an even more thorough understanding of both the language and the country all together.

To keep things fun and exciting, you have the MegaFrench games- MegaVocab which is designed to help you build up and retain your French vocabulary, MegaAudio which supposedly will help you with your listening comprehension as well as your pronunciation, and MegaVerbs which should help you master French verbs and conjugation.

Rocket Record is another feature that helps you with your French pronunciation as you can record you own and then compare.

You will also find that there are tons of quizzes and tests to keep you on your toes. These scores will automatically be recorded to the Progress Tracking Feature. This will let you know which tasks you have completed, which ones need to be taken again, and let you know which ones you should be taking next.

With Tell Me More French, you will have you take a placement test so that you know which level of French learning you should take. That test is the first thing you get upon purchase. There are ten levels that cater beginners all the way to advanced students.

After you will have 20 hours of interactive video. This will help you develop you skills in the French language. You will also have 20,000 various exercises that focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening , and grammar.

After a formal lesson, where you see two people speaking or some scenario where a few people are speaking, you go through the lesson perfecting the various elements you need to speak, listen, read and write French.

A nice feature of the Tell Me More system is that you can click on a word and this will give you an option to hear it spoken or see how it’s grammar works. you can also see it’s translation in English and things like that.

Most of the lessons are actually just picture images that change as you various dialog is introduced. There are some actual videos but these are not so common.

Once the scene has been completed, you go through a series of tests which help the concepts sink in.  Each test will help on on some aspect of the learning process and the tests get steadily harder or more complex.

For instance, you might start with answering questions about certain words that were used in the dialog.

Harder tests, like answering French questions by either picking from multiple choice, writing the answer on the screen or speaking it come at the end of the series of tests.

Speaking can be quite tough, especially if you don’t have a good headset…and even then, getting the accent right can be a struggle !

An interesting feature is that you have a weekly EuroNews® lesson wherein you can practice grammar and vocabulary and learn about a current news topic at the same time.

There are also lessons on culture which include famous French landmarks, aspects of the French cultural life, famous French people or today and yesteryear. The level of language is quite advanced and is something that a beginner might come back to later.


You will also get a specially designed headset as part of the whole package. This offers speech recognition that will supposedly do wonders for your pronunciation.

SETS, spoken error tracking system, is a function that will automatically detect any mispronounced words that you have. That’s pretty hi-tech stuff.

One other activity that you have is role playing. You will be immersed in real life scenarios that let you practice and improve what you have learned so far.

Workshops on reading, writing, listening, and speaking are additional features.

Tell Me More French is a massive program. Level one seems to have upwards of 50 hours of teaching resources and probably more if you include all the culture and news videos (which are taken from real French TV). So you can just imagine how much you get with 10 levels.

Both programs offer on the go ways of learning with files that are compatible with MP3 players and the like.

Rocket French Review, What Support You Get

Rocket Spanish offers email and phone support and even tutorials. Not to mention that Marie-Claire Rivière as well as other French teachers and native speakers will be there to guide and teach you every step of the way.

Tell Me More French offers FAQ, email, and phone support. You will also have access to a 24/7 online advise.

Rocket French Review, Conclusion

Rocket French is a good and well priced product. You can get to a decent conversational level with the course. The course seems to be improved on all the time too (the Rocket Record being a recent example of a feature upgrade). The owners claim that all upgrades are free to existing owners too so that is a nice feature that not many other courses can offer.

It is simply methodical and massive. In fact, you can tell that it has been made by a European company as it does not take the approach of many other courses where the main characters in the dialog are tourists or people involved in typical tourist scenarios.

The people involved in the scenarios are French and they are doing everyday things that French people would do. This is good as you get a real flavor for what France and French people are like but may not be for you if you want to learn French quickly.

In short, Tell me more is a great learning resource but it isn’t really a fast learning method by comparison to Rocket, Michel Thomas or Fluenz. It is more like Rosetta Stone in this respect. What’s more it is also quite an investment. If you get the 10 level product you can expect to pay over $600. This is much more expensive than Rocket French but is comparable to other big name brands like Rosetta Stone.

Tell Me More French is currently available at Amazon and is the best price you will find for this product outside of places like eBay. You can get the 10 level set here or if you only want a beginner package then get this set here.

So basically there you have it, Rocket French or Tell Me More French: how to learn the language of love? Which one is best for you ?

I hope that you enjoyed my Rocket French Review!

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