Paleo Meal Plans Diet Steps

By | June 9, 2016

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There is only one type of paleo meal and that is a serviceable one. Serviceable meals are lunches and dinners during the week that run smoothly and simply. Use your weekends to prepare extravagant meals. The Paleo Recipe Book has 370 recipes find which ones are the simplest and easiest for you to prepare, use the weekend to wow your family, making family time more exciting.

To help you with your meal planning organization, The Paleo Recipe Book has provided you with a 8 week pre-made meal plan. So when you start out on your new healthy low carb paleo diet you do not get discouraged with disorganization and stress.

Paleo Meal Plans Diet Steps

Below I provided you with some steps I have researched to help get on your way with your new paleo diet. These steps will help you stay organized and most importantly stress free.

 1) Find Out What Everyone Wants

This may make you cringe just thinking about it, but you will probably find it a lot easier if everyone is on the same page. Making sure you know what everyone’s favorites are makes dinner time as a family a lot more fun and exciting, when they know it’s their turn for their favorite paleo dinner .

Another great idea if you have children is have them write down their favorite lunches and snacks. This way you can make their school lunches fun and a part of their decision, which gives them a little more responsibility in the family. This also gives them the feeling that they do have some say.

2) Open Your Cupboards First

This is probably the most important part to preparing your paleo diet meals plan; create an inventory of what spices and herbs you have. When you use something up scratch it off your list, this will make your shopping list a lot easier. I know this seems like a lot of work, what I would suggest is that each time you use a spice and have it out add it to your list. Each time you buy a new spice add it to your inventory list. You will find after a while of cooking your inventory list will be good to go, and you didn’t spend all day doing it.

3) The Paleo Recipe Book

When creating your meal plan most people will probably confirm what you are thinking now, it’s the hardest part. Not so, The Paleo Meal Plan starts you off with an 8 week plan; my suggestion would be to try their plan first find out what you like and don’t like. Once you have determined this then start slowing implement the rest of the total 307 recipes that you haven’t tried with your new paleo cookbook.

4) Find The Best Price Savings 

Implementing a healthy paleo diet can cost you a little more than your current meals you are preparing right now for your family. But it does not have to be this way, be a thriftier shopper, look for sales in your local paper, cut out coupons, and keep up with current pricing. It may consume a little of your very precious time, but when it comes to keeping your family health it is definitely worth the time.

5) Meal Plan

Using the plan when you first start out will definitely save you a lot of time as you get prepared for your new diet. When I reviewed their paleo meal plan I found it to be very organized and they started off with some great recipes. But as you get more accustomed to preparing meals week after week you find it becomes more easy to start changing things up and creating your own meal plans.

6) Write Your Shopping List

Creating your shopping list if you have organized your inventory as stated in step 2 you will find this part a very easy job that will only take you a few minutes.  Remember it you write down what you run out of each day, when it comes time to do your shopping you find your list is already made.

Another great thing about this is even though you may think this will take you extra time inventory what you have but you find the last minute runs the store will stop.  Giving you more free time than you thought you had.

Paleo Meal Plans Diet Steps

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