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By | October 25, 2015

MMPI means Multiphasic Personality Inventory Minnesota.
This test includes 550 questions which must be answered true or false.

The topics covered by the proposals are extremely varied and cover a very wide field of interest from fitness to moral attitudes and social behavior.

The breakdown of the items in the MMPI various components of personality.

————————————————– ———————–
1-State general health
9 items
2-General neurological symptoms
19 items
3-Cranial nerves
11 items
4-Motor skills and coordination
6 items
5 items
6-Vasomotor system, trophic disorders, language, secretory organs.
10 items
7-Cardio-respiratory system
5 items
8-Gastrointestinal system
11 items
9-Genitourinary system
5 items
19 items
11-Marital and family life
26 items
18 items
12 items
14-Sex life
16 items
19 items
16-Policy, law, order
46 items
17-Social behavior
72 items
18-Affectivity – depression
32 items
19-Affectivity – mania
24 items
20-Obsessive tendencies
15 items
21-Delusions, hallucinations, illusions, interpretative trends.
31 items
29 items
23-Masochistic and sadistic tendencies
7 items
33 items
55 items
26-Tend to be placed under a rather unlikely day.
15 items
————————————————– ———–

Since it has evolved to adapt to other uses, such as recruitment and many other applications, it has become the MMPI 2.

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