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By | June 9, 2016

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Home Remedies For Hbp Review, How does it work?

High blood pressure is the condition where the blood’s pressure in the arteries is higher than normal. If the condition is not managed then there is a high risk of the arteries getting damaged and other medical problems. Despite the fact that over the years the common management of the condition has been through medication, the Home Remedies For Hbp Review is meant to give us a way out we are what we eat and how we live; that is a fact that we cannot afford to ignore.

This very fact is an avenue to the solution therefore presented. Our breathing patterns have been seen to be one of the determinants of how low or high our blood pressure will be The home remedies for Hbp review will take us through some of the studied and approved and helpful modes of breathing exersices. the bottom line of the breathing exercise is to lower the rate breathing which in the long run lowers the blood pressure; The diaphragmatic breathing is one of such exercise seen in the home remedies for Hbp.Here one chooses a comfortable position, preferable sitting or standing, having one hand on the chest and the other slightly over the belly button, takes a deep breath and in the process expanding the abdominal cavity, exhales completely.

There is a slight holding of breath between the inhale and the exhale, he/she can try to inhale at the count of eight and exhale at the count of sixteen this can be done repeatedly for about thirty minutes. It is advisable to repeat this exercise at least twice a day.

Ujjayi Pranayarna; which is the exercise of breathing in the same manner one breaths during yoga practice this is inhaling and exhaling slowly while contracting the throat till one gets a hissing sound and slowly letting the body respond to the exercise. The last breathing exercise enumerated in the home remedies for hbp review; is the alternate nostril breathing. In this practice the patient covers the left nostril with the index finger, inhales and then exhales gently and after two seconds does the same with the right nostril, this exercise can be done for about a minute or so. The exercise was found to be effective in lowing the blood pressure among the people that took part in it for the study period. These easy and viable methods for lowering of blood pressure, are both effective for preventive and management purposes. The are are not harmful since they don’t involve introduction of any chemical in the body thus no side effective.

Since they appear in the home remedies for Hbp review; They are cost effective because they don’t need to be worked on under the observation of a health professional and can easily be integrated in ones normal exercise routine. It is important to note that the exercise can be done on as many times a day as possible and can be done anyway, in the your car while in traffic, a moment in the office when are not doing anything, that moment when you are going to bed without disrupting or having to change your normal routine in anyway.

On the hand in the home remedies for Hbp review, we also note that the greater percentage of the population does not exercise regularly. This therefore points out the fact that the mode herein presented may not be applicable to this number of people. The lack of personal discipline may affect the way they handle the condition leading to greater health risks. The fact that High blood pressure is a serious medical condition then the method is only prudent to people or more so patients with a greater level of personal discipline or those under the care of medical processionals who are able to monitor that High blood pressure is a rnajorly caused by the hormone cortisol. This hormone is also referred to as the stress hormone.

Therefore in the home remedies for Hbp review we discover that one can manage Hbp by taking foods that lower production of the said hormone. Omega three fatty acids found in fish have been seen to have the ability to unclog the arteries and reduce the production of cortisol therefore reducing or lowering the blood pressure. Fruits such as grapes, oranges and bell pepper have been seen to have the ability lower blood pressure due to the antioxidants in them, the vitamin C in them too helps reduce stress level therefore reducing the production of cortisol hormones. It is interesting to note that high blood pressure can be reduced by eating of dark chocolate, dark chocolate contain the compound cacao which helps in dilation of blood vessels therefore decreasing the blood pressure. Magnesium rich foods have a calming effect on the body this goes along way to reduce blood pressure and inhibit production of cortisol.

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The home remedies for Hbp review indicates that the management and curation of Hbp does not need to involve the use of drugs. This is a good thing since both the exeysices and the food stuffs indicated can be part of the normal diet. the danger however, is that excessive taking of cake for instance can lead to increased fats which may need to managed in other ways, the bias in which an affected indivdual may choose to take the named food stuff may also lead to an unbalanced diet placing or her in another health risk. It goes without saying too that the individual must have the finances to sustain the inclusion of the named foodstuffs in their diet.

Health drugs are chemically composed, these also have risks to ones health. The risk leads to a big question should we manage one condition while subjecting the patient to some other risk? Then it goes without saying that home remedies are the best alternatives for the patients. They are what the world leads with the advantages will be seen not only on the patients but also on the national and international economy due to averting of funds that would have been used in the management of Hbp.

Home Remedies For Hbp review

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