Are Carrots Good for Dogs

By | September 20, 2016

How did I get to talk about the benefits of carrot for the dog? and answer your question: Are Carrots Good for Dogs ?

Just as part of my fitness, I scheduled this Sunday for a jog with a friend and my faithful companion Timy.

And after this round of ten kilometers (yes .. I can do it again Smile), a street vendor fruit and vegetable juice had the good idea to install the parking lot.

Immediately complete this loop, I hastened to ask my friend if he also wanted a glass of fruit or vegetable juice.

Breathless (as I do), he nodded to confirm me as he took me.

And he heard my order, “three big carrot juice please”.

He was waiting for me with Timy on a bench and when I joined with my three glasses, he exclaimed: “Well I say, you have a great thirst! “(Actually the glasses were big enough).

” Why do you say that ? A glass for everyone, it’s normal right?. … ”

“A glass each? No? … Timy also drink carrot juice?

“Ah, but of course Timy and I are big fans of carrots. Usually I give him into pieces as raw treats, but occasionally I give him as juiced as I do for myself. Do you know all the benefits of the carrot for the dog, which you have both?

“Well … I know it is a vegetable that can be given to the dog, but then to give you all the benefits of the carrot for the dog, no … I do not see”

And that is how I came to speak of the benefits of carrot for the dog and in summary what I said.

The carrot for the dog can be given in raw or cooked form and often appreciated. The dog likes to eat, chew or play with a carrot.

Are Carrots Good for Dogs: The advantages of the carrot for the dog

Are Carrots Good for Dogs

Ensures good oral hygiene:

Carrot by its texture is an excellent cleaner teeth and gums (polishing action).

Chewing induced to digest this vegetable, increases the strength of the teeth and the jaw muscles. This need for chewing also causes increased salivation.

Basic pH saliva will thus balance the acid pH induced by the presence of bacteria, which will reduce the risk of oral infection.

Preventive degenerations of the eye and improves the night vision

Carrots contain beta-carotene which when absorbed is converted into vitamin A in the liver.

When vitamin A reaches the photoreceptor cells of the retina, it is converted into a light-sensitive protein pigment called rhodopsin.

This pigment is necessary for night vision and makes the sensitive eye to light.

Carrot therefore improves night vision in dogs.

In addition, beta-carotene contained in carrots is an excellent protection against cataracts due to age and macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is a well known disease of humans from the age of 55 -60 years old and consists of a degeneration of the central part of the retina called the macula.

The consequences are: image distortion, difficulty reading texts, …

At present, there is no treatment for this degeneration.

Maybe eat carrots in larger quantities to humans would be a preventive measure? (Ironically)

Excellent vegetable for weight loss (if obesity or overweight)

Carrots, rich in fiber and low in calories, is an excellent food to lose weight for a dog. Like candy and sometimes to replace a meal, I recommend often to overweight dog owners, give carrots their companion.

The owners and good conscience to give some food to their dog rather than advise to reduce the amount or skip a meal, often guilt-inducing situation.

As for the dog, he will have a feeling of satiety, will be less inclined to beg and lose, over time, weight thanks to this low calorie.

Ensure good intestinal transit and emptying anal glands

Due to its high fiber content, carrot ensures good bowel (intestinal broom) and facilitates bowel movement with faeces well molded and consistent.

Emptying anal glands will also be easier thanks to the more consistent feces. This will decrease the number of dogs suffering congestion of the anal glands with the sign of the characteristic sleigh (smell of rotten fish)

Responsible for a smooth and shiny coat and good skin quality

Due to its beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A, carrot ensures smooth and shiny coat, but also provides the same effects at the skin level in dogs.

Beta-carotene is considered as an antioxidant and protects against aging of the skin.

It is known that the carrot is an excellent ingredient to ensure a smooth skin, fight against wrinkles, have a good complexion and avoid infections. There are quite a cosmetic cream containing beta-carotene or vitamin A to confirm.

Protects cardiac function

Carrots contain carotenoids (beta-carotene, alpha carotene and lutein).

Carotenoids are known to reduce the risk of heart disease (also for humans)

The carrot also has the property of lowering cholesterol levels in the blood


Some fibers of the core will bind to bile acids thereby reducing the amount of bile and fatty acids in the liver (the precursor of cholesterol).

Preventive against certain types of cancer

there in carrots is a natural pesticide falcarinol, whose role is to protect the core against certain diseases caused by fungi.

But this molecule (falcarinol) have anticancer properties against certain types of cancer in the lung, colon and breasts. Studies in mice and rats showed these properties.

Are Carrots Good for Dogs:The carrot contains about 2 mg per kilogram of falcarinol.

It is clear that a large quantity of carrot intake may cause poisoning by this molecule with neurological repercussions.

But I do not know the toxic dose for the dog, however it is necessary that this quantity is very large (several kilos).

The remark is identical for possible intoxication with vitamin A (hypervitaminosis A): should there also that the dog ingests a very large quantity of carrot for possible with this pathology.

surrogate object to some behavioral problems mouthing objects

Some dogs, for anxiety or boredom, may have a nasty habit of chewing, biting objects such as shoes, chair legs or table ….

By providing these pieces of carrot to chew, it reduced the degree of anxiety in dogs.

And then, consider them as substitute object that will be less burdensome for the master and certainly better for the dog.
“Okay, you convinced me of the benefits of carrot for the dog! But what daily amount advise -tu?

Listen, I advise primarily as candies and depending on size of dog I advocate a three carrots a day.

For homeowners who cook the rations of their companion, it is recommended that a third of vegetable ration in at 20 to 30 g per kilogram of body weight of the animal.
“OK … But when you give the carrot juice form, you lose some benefits, such as the beneficial effect at the level of oral hygiene?


Yes, it’s true you’re right … This is why the administration of carrot juice form is primarily recommended for older dogs having difficulties with teething and chewing.

However giving that carrot juice for older dogs or dogs with dental problem you their insured an intake of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, K and all the B complex), lower in calories and a fiber intake which is far from uninteresting to the digestive transit especially for older dogs.

Naturally, I recommend taking its own carrot juice and avoid buying in the trade of so-called natural carrot juice containing dyes, added sugars or artificial ingredients different.
“Okay, but what about diabetic dogs? You advise carrot for these affected animals?

That’s a good point! You’re right, carrot contains sugars and diet of a diabetic dog can sometimes be complex to balance his diabetes, so it is advisable to refrain from the carrot for diabetic dogs.

Although some studies have shown that the sugars in carrots had little effect on insulin levels.

Thus ended our little discussion about the carrot for the dog, our long Timy had finished his bowl of carrot juice and scrutinized with interest the last remaining third in my drink

“Oh no, you did not get … I also need my dose, Timy! “I exclaimed, emptying my glass …. “Let’s go, everyone … drive back home!

Well, I hope this article will be also convinced about the benefits of carrots for chien.Je know several dog owners who themselves cook sweets (cookies) carrot-based and I can tell you that their dogs love them and do not encounter any particular problems, on the contrary.

And if you’re not convinced that the carrot is appreciated by the dog, watch this adorable video:

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